Lufthansa Technik spin-off Skeyos sets its sights on the US MRO market

Lufthansa Technik spin-off Skeyos sets its sights on the US MRO market

Hamburg-Norderstedt, 19th of March 2018. The American aviation industry is booming, and Skeyos, recently founded by Lufthansa Technik, is focusing on building relationships in the world’s largest MRO market by providing a digital channel to purchase and sell component services. Skeyos has strengthened its local footprint with added business development personnel and already gained various new customers. Its presence at the MRO Americas show, from April 10th to 12th in Orlando, Florida will be a further boost for the e-procurement specialist from Hamburg, Germany.

Lufthansa Technik spin-off Skeyos has developed a new digital marketplace & procurement tool that provides better transparency, dependability and simplicity in the procurement of aircraft component services. The onboarding process for new users, purchasers and suppliers alike, is just as simple as the online procurement of MRO services through the platform.

After acquiring first partners from the European region, Skeyos is now approaching the US market. Lufthansa Technik will use Skeyos as the primary online marketplace to offer their local component services for American customers. Currently, Skeyos is working with repair facility Mingo Aerospace of Owasso, Oklahoma as one of the first movers from the US to offer its capabilities worldwide for direct purchase online. “It is our priority to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible for our partners. This includes providing a full orientation at their facilities and as much individual personal support as needed. Our job isn’t done until the user is able to intuitively experience all of the benefits of our platform”, stated Skeyos Sales Manager Pascal Knoll. Mingo appreciates Skeyos’ commitment. “The Skeyos team was a great help in providing a quick and easy onboarding process to the platform. I am excited to utilize Skeyos as a sales tool to share our unique capabilities with a larger direct customer base”, confirms Brian Emery, Vice President of Business Development at Mingo.

With Mingo Aerospace, Skeyos has won an important US vendor with a global footprint and is forging ahead optimistically with its network development activities. The company is also adding local personnel in order to present itself better across the region.

Skeyos’ exhibit at MRO Americas, from April 10th to 12th in Orlando, Florida will give suppliers and purchasers from the region the opportunity to meet Skeyos management in person. “Orlando is our first trade show in the US, and we’ll be building on important experience gained since the launch of our digital marketplace & procurement tool”, said Skeyos CEO Hansi Schmidt. The platform was officially unveiled in January at MRO Middle East in Dubai and has grown rapidly since. At MRO Americas, Skeyos will present the benefits of its tool to purchasers and suppliers alike: “We are confident that we can expand our qualified network at MRO Americas and convince important new customers of the simplicity of our sourcing and fulfilment processes”, added Schmidt.