Skeyos Marketplace to standardize direct purchasing of component services online

Skeyos Marketplace to standardize direct purchasing of component services online

Hamburg. April 3rd, 2018. Skeyos’ digital marketplace & procurement tool simplifies sourcing and fulfilment processes for suppliers and purchasers in the MRO industry. The new Lufthansa Technik spin-off has created the industry’s first digital platform that standardizes direct purchases of component services online. Suppliers gain access to an efficient and innovative global sales channel. Purchasers can avoid time-consuming RFQ processes and see and compare fixed prices immediately.

Digitization continues to change the aviation procurement sector: Numerous platforms are trying to make MRO sourcing available online. But not every tool accounts for the peculiarities of the industry. Most platforms merely help locate inventory, without offering a way to contract services digitally or integrating the management of entire fulfilment processes from the first to the last step.

With its new digital marketplace & procurement tool, Skeyos introduces features and functionalities which purchasers and suppliers alike have been missing so far. provides purchasers with binding offers from various independent vendors which can be contracted online immediately. Suppliers of MRO services can upload their offers including prices, turnaround times and terms on the platform free of charge. As a result thereof, Skeyos provides buyers with extraordinary market transparency when searching for specific capabilities. Suppliers and purchasers no longer have to waste their time and money on tenders and bids with uncertain outcomes.

Furthermore, suppliers have the option to upload customized catalogues on Skeyos. The terms and pricings of their offers can be tailored according to the demands and characteristics of each individual purchaser. The supplier retains total control over the visibility of their capabilities: advanced technological solutions prohibit the use of Skeyos as a benchmarking tool by competitors. The user interface enables a convenient navigation through the entire process. Direct messaging is integrated to allow an instant exchange between both parties. Skeyos’ digital marketplace stands for quick and smooth MRO procurement.

“Requesting services and prices is one thing, but contracting them without delays and detours is quite a leap forward for our industry. With the Skeyos Marketplace we are able to close this gap.” said Skeyos CEO Hansi Schmidt.