Skeyos Marketplace boosts trade fair presence with new features

Skeyos Marketplace boosts trade fair presence with new features

Hamburg. 22 May 2018. Following a successful product launch at the MRO in Dubai beginning of the year, Lufthansa Technik spinoff Skeyos has expanded its international presence. After the MRO Americas in April, Skeyos is now focusing on the European market with its digital marketplace & procurement solutions. The company will exhibit on 30-31 May at ap&m in London, the leading trade fair for MRO services.

Since January, Lufthansa Technik spin-off Skeyos has been operating their new digital marketplace & procurement platform that provides more transparency, dependability and simplicity in the procurement of aircraft component services. This online channel addresses purchasers and suppliers industry-wide. At the product launch at MRO Middle East in Dubai, visitors who tested the platform confirmed that Skeyos enables a streamlined procurement process and is intuitive and easy to use from the beginning. “At the show we were able to experience the reactions of potential customers first-hand. We got thoroughly positive feedback and could turn the feedbacks right into new functionalities with our agile development approach, which allows us to deploy new features every second week.” says CEO Hansi Schmidt.

Visitors brought up the demand to implement different user-roles with distinct responsibilities. When companies have reached a certain volume in their MRO business, they see a need to define a distinct set of rights for every employee involved in the MRO procurement process. “In the further development of our platform we elaborated user and role management features that meet these requirements. Depending on the role assigned to a user, it is possible to edit or just view customization settings and to manage orders. This allows our customers to use Skeyos on a wider range in their MRO supply chain, may it be with existing or new business partners. We are curious about the first reactions at ap&m”, exemplifies Robert Damköhler, Manager Sales at Skeyos for the EMEA region.

Visitors can test the new features of the Skeyos Marketplace, which can also be accessed as part of the AVIATAR platform, live at booth F19 and exchange insights and experiences with the Skeyos team. The London trade fair brings together suppliers and purchasers from across the world. “The focus of ap&m is the MRO industry supply chain. That means it is the perfect forum for the first presentation of our online marketplace in Europe,” notes Damköhler. Skeyos is looking forward to deepening existing contacts, making new ones, and getting valuable input from the market.

With the start of ap&m, Skeyos can also announce that their parent company Lufthansa Technik will start processing their MRO purchasing business via the new marketplace. “The complete workflow is bundled in one channel: from finding and assigning the best repair source, to tracking the repair process including quotations, as well as the invoicing. We didn’t hesitate to get involved in the new platform. For us, digitalization is the key to streamline our MRO procurement and to manage thousands of contracted repairs every week. Step by step, we will invite all of our supplier base to offer their services to Lufthansa Technik via Skeyos. As we can also bring our user feedback into the development of the platform, all new features will help to expand our business via Skeyos.”, summarizes Sebastian Schönbrodt, Head of Production Alternatives and responsible for contracted MRO business at Lufthansa Technik. Skeyos welcomes the decision and acknowledges that the integration of Lufthansa Technik as buyer will increase the value of the digital marketplace for all other users doing business on Skeyos. “Actually, we are very proud that Lufthansa Technik will also use our platform in their procurement business to get connected to all suppliers worldwide. A company of this size will bring significant impact on our feature and business development”, Schmidt concludes.