Skeyos, the online MRO Marketplace, reveals its latest developments and upcoming plans at MRO Middle East

Skeyos, the Online MRO Marketplace, reveals its latest Developments and upcoming Plans at MRO Middle East

Hamburg, 11th February 2019. Skeyos, the online marketplace for aircraft components, marks its first-year anniversary at this year’s MRO Middle East conference in Dubai, a special occasion the company will use to introduce the platform’s latest features and celebrate its main achievements over the past 12 months. The marketplace is transforming the procurement process across the MRO industry by enabling a streamlined one-stop platform for purchasers and suppliers of aircraft components worldwide.

The online marketplace went live in January 2018 at last year’s MRO Middle East and has been since then extending its network across the globe with special focus on the Americas and Asia-Pacific. It recently secured numerous new suppliers and purchasers from Asia-Pacific while expanding its regional presence to provide better customer experience onsite and reinforce regional growth.

Starting February 2019, four pricing models are available to customers: Fixed Price, Fixed Price with Exclusion, Time & Material, and Fixed Labor. These will provide users with different alternatives to choose to meet their needs. Users can find capabilities with pricing from different suppliers, place orders directly online and manage payment through the platform. The new streamlined process replaces the slow and therefore inefficient Request for Quotation procedure. Moreover, Skeyos offers transparency throughout the whole service process by providing real-time tracking.

“Based on market demands and customers’ feedback, we are now offering different pricing models, billing options and, most recently, the availability to connect to standard systems like AMOS”, commented Hans Bernd Schmidt, CEO of Skeyos. “At Skeyos we aim to make the life of purchasers and suppliers of aircraft components easier by simplifying the traditional RFQ process through our next level MRO procurement solution”.

MRO Middle East is an international trade fair for maintenance, repair and overhaul in the aerospace industry that will be held on February 11th to 12th in Dubai. Skeyos will be present at booth 737b.