Skeyos announces AMOS integration

Skeyos is proud to announce its AMOS integration

Hamburg, 8th April 2019. Skeyos is proud to announce that its online marketplace for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services of aircraft components has successfully been integrated into AMOS, an industry-leading aviation maintenance management system, by relying on a standard interface provided by Swiss-AS. This integration ensures that the AMOS users can directly access Skeyos to buy the needed component services and parts.

Through the integration of Skeyos’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into AMOS, it simplifies the repair and component sourcing process for AMOS users by enabling them to reach the Skeyos digital marketplace in a click. This way, the AMOS users can benefit from the expected gain in operational efficiencies through AMOS and the easy identification of available component parts, suiting to their needs in terms of cost, turn-around-time and service tracking process on Skeyos. Starting from April, AMOS users can request for Skeyos to be integrated into their system.

“Our aim is to provide all MRO component suppliers and purchasers a one-stop solution for MRO procurement. AMOS is a leading MRO software provider that is used by over 170 customers worldwide. Integrating our product with AMOS is a natural choice for us and we are very excited about this,” commented Patrick Hotz, General Manager at Skeyos.

“Not only do we focus on expanding our supplier and purchaser network, but we are also continuously exploring new ideas and developing efficient solutions for our users. We have further plans in the pipeline to integrate Skeyos into other ERP system providers to increase the accessibility of Skeyos to other industry players,” Mr. Hotz added.

Skeyos will be present at booth #2452 at the MRO Americas on April 9th to 11th in Atlanta to share the latest development and demonstration of the digital platform.