Skeyos launches industry-first ‘buy-or-repair’ parts comparison

Skeyos launches industry-first ‘buy-or-repair' parts comparison

As part of our mission to offer better transparency, dependability and simplicity to the MRO industry when buying aircraft component services, we announced the launch of our ground-breaking new parts module on June 4th, 2019. Introducing an industry-first comparison functionality for repairs and parts, the module revolutionises the way ‘buy or repair’ decisions for aircraft components are made.

As a result, customers can now:
• View new and used parts, as well as associated repair services all with a single click, making it easier to compare prices, availabilities, certificates and terms.
• Search, compare and order parts on one interface, saving time previously wasted on generating RFPs and collecting and reviewing diverse quotes.
• Have access to more than 140,000 products, bringing the industry one big step closer towards a true one-stop-shop for all aircraft component needs.

At Skeyos, we are proud to offer our customers this new functionality as we strive to provide a high degree of automation at all levels for our users.

How will the new module impact your MRO component procurement? To experience the benefits of using our comparison functionality, create a free purchasing account for yourself here.