Next Level Decision-Making for MRO Purchasers

Next Level Decision-Making for MRO Purchasers

Skeyos’ new parts trading module is transforming the way ‘buy or repair’ decisions for aircraft components are made. But how did the idea begin? Following the launch of this industry-first innovation, we spoke to product owner, Nils Schnapauff, to find out the story behind the module, how he became involved and how the journey unfolded.

Nils, your career to date has been all about aviation, what sparked your love of the industry?

Nils: Ever since my internship with Lufthansa Technik during university, the world of aviation has fascinated me. After graduating as an industrial engineer, I worked as a consultant for several years, participating in an Airbus A380 project and the development of the fuel system for the A350. Now at Skeyos, I get to be a part of the digital revolution transforming the industry.

The parts module is an important addition to the Skeyos Marketplace. How and when did you become involved?

Nils: I began my Skeyos career on the repair side of the platform before dedicating my time to creating the parts module in May 2018. I started as a specialist tasked with performing tests on the software but have since become responsible for the module’s complete development. In October 2018, we delivered a prototype which then entered an extensive closed-testing phase to make sure it was exactly how we wanted it. Existing customers were invited to explore the module and work with us to shape it into what it is today.

Nils Schnappauf Product Owner Parts Trading Module So Skeyos customers were at the heart of this launch?

Nils: Absolutely. Our customers were central to its development. Everybody in our industry needs to buy and sell parts, and as a result, it was a common request. Feedback from our users shaped and extended the functionality of the module and they have been involved throughout the testing phase of its development.

What are your favourite features of the parts module?

Nils: As well as the transparency and timesaving benefits it brings our customers, my favourite elements are the small additions, such as the ability to request documentation from suppliers and negotiate on price, condition, lead-time and warranty. For example, a purchaser can request a reduced price for an older product or request a longer warranty in exchange for a higher price.

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