Digitalisation and the Changing Face of Inventory Management

Digitalisation and the Changing Face of Inventory Management

Our general manager, Hans Bernd Schmidt, knows all about digitalisation and how it is transforming MRO procurement. At AP&M Europe 2019, he spoke to a room full of MRO planners and purchasers keen to find out how automation can improve their operations. We spoke to Hans to find out a bit more about him and his views on the impact of digitalisation for buyers.

You’ve been a general manager at Skeyos since the company was founded. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Hans: I actually began my career as an engineer. After completing my degree in mechanical engineering and subsequently an MBA, I worked in various positions throughout Lufthansa Technik’s components and engines divisions. There, I was responsible for decentralising the company’s material services department and heading the Tulsa-based aircraft teardown projects.In 2016, I was asked to lead Lufthansa Technik’s innovative MRO marketplace project, which later became the independent subsidiary, Skeyos.

You spoke at last month’s AP&M Europe about digitalisation and the changing face of inventory management. What were the key takeaways for you?

Hans: For me, it was encouraging to see how many companies are receptive to automating their procurement process. We took a quick poll during the session and found that more than a quarter of attendees reported having insufficient or no smart data/knowledge-based procurement solutions in their company, and only 13% said the performance of their whole supply chain is tracked automatically – these are things we hope to change!

Hans Bernd Schmidt, CEO Skeyos Marketplace It seems that digitalisation is set to transform MRO procurement – would you agree?

Hans: I’ve worked in MRO for a number of years now and have found it to be a great example of an industry acknowledging the advantages afforded by digitalisation, whether it be to improve efficiency or transparency in their operations. As a company, we are proud to be part of that movement and are very excited to take the lead in future innovations.

Finally, when you’re not working with the team to improve MRO buying for all, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Hans: At work, I try to do my best to help maintain aircraft fleets around the world. In my private life, I enjoy maintaining (and driving) my old cars.