Turning the World More Digital

Turning the World More Digital

Imagine a world without RFQs and the hours of administration time involved. At Skeyos we are making this a reality through our innovative digital marketplace. We spoke to sales manager, Sein Park, to find out how she is spreading the news about Skeyos to suppliers and purchasers worldwide.

Sein, you’ve been with Skeyos now for more than a year. What does your job involve and what do you get up to in a typical week?

Sein Park, Manager Sales Skeyos Marketplace Sein: Before joining Skeyos, my career included marketing roles in aviation and technology, and with Skeyos I get to combine these interests. As sales manager, I’m focused on ensuring our digital marketplace is intuitive and transparent, and I am constantly working with our development team to improve the user experience.

Since Skeyos launched we’ve made continuous updates to improve the services offered and to add functionality. Our parts trading module, for example, is transforming the way purchasers make ‘buy-or-repair’ decisions. It’s great to be able to bring new services to the suppliers and purchasers that use our marketplace and make their work more efficient.

Trade fairs are also a big part of my work and I love updating our existing customers on the latest updates. These events also allow me to meet potential customers and show them how Skeyos can meet and exceed their business needs.

What would you say have been some of your most important achievements since joining Skeyos?

Sein: Not long after starting my role at Skeyos I packed a bag and headed to Asia, spending eight months travelling around the region. This was a worthwhile experience because I got to build a network of Skeyos clients in Asia Pacific and develop rapport with our business partners.

I come from Korea, so it was rewarding that our first APAC transaction was from my home country. We have now brought several Korean airlines online and have supported them to adopt the digital sourcing process.

Sounds fun! What would you say are some of the best things about working at Skeyos?

Sein: Every day I get to work with supportive colleagues and experienced managers who I can learn so much from. We have a young and dynamic team at Skeyos, and I take pride in developing new ideas with them, before seeing these visions become a reality to benefit our customers.