Sharing the Skeyos Story

Sharing the Skeyos story

At Skeyos we’re always keeping an eye on the latest technology to understand how it could help the users of our digital marketplace. Fresh and innovative ideas are essential to the future of MRO procurement, so that’s why we’ve been delighted to work with marketing intern, Di Wang, for the last few months. Before she headed back to the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern we spoke to Di about her time with us.

Di, tell us about how you came to Skeyos?

Di: Last year whilst I was studying at university, I got the chance to meet the Skeyos team at a careers fair. Through a chat with Andreas Roboger, Skeyos’ Product Development Manager, I realised the company shared many of my passions and interests. I’ve been fascinated by aviation since I was a child growing up in China, and I’ve loved studying marketing as part of my Business Studies degree, where I’ve also developed an interest in the benefits of digitalisation. This is the first time I’ve worked so closely to aviation and it’s given me some real insight.

Great to hear how you originally found Skeyos! So, what does your current role include and what do you do in a typical week?

Di: The majority of my work at Skeyos is in Marketing; working on online content for our partners, writing blog posts for the Skeyos website and running our LinkedIn channel. A typical week will also see me focus on internal communications with Lufthansa Technik, of which Skeyos is an independent spinoff company, creating and designing posters and flyers for special events.

I also regularly collaborate with our sales colleagues, consolidating customer feedback and sharing it with the Skeyos team to drive our commitment to a superior user experience.

Di Wang, Marketing & Sales Intern Skeyos Marketplace What has been your favourite project since joining the team?

Di: Online marketing projects are a real favourite of mine, and I’ve enjoyed writing content for the Skeyos website, social media channels, and working on copy to support the users of our digital marketplace. Digitalisation of MRO procurement has brought huge changes for the industry, with aircraft components and repair services now able to be located online and purchased in just a few clicks.

I’ve also learnt more about how online marketing helps to expand a company’s visibility on the world stage. At Skeyos, we support our partners with content for their business pages, improving awareness of their parts and services with Skeyos users.

We also recognise the importance of social media in delivering news quickly and efficiently, introducing customers to the growing list of suppliers and services they can access; both via a conventional computer or laptop, and via our mobile app. Seeing Skeyos’ ever-increasing number of social media followers really motivates me.

You’ll soon be leaving us! What would you say you have you enjoyed most about working at Skeyos?

Di: Since the very start of my internship, the Skeyos team has supported and guided me, providing a source of inspiration through their hard work and professionalism. They have always taken my workload into consideration and helped me develop new skills. I’ve learnt so much about marketing processes and have really enjoyed seeing projects progress from an idea through to a real service that helps our customers.

During my internship I’ve also been able to experience Hamburg for the first time and my colleagues have been kind enough to show me around the city in my downtime.

What’s next for you?

Di: I’ll now head back to university to finish my degree in Business Studies, but after graduation I’d like to return to work in aviation. I really believe that digital marketplaces, such as Skeyos, will become the norm across the industry and it is exciting to see this happen. Today, Germany works closely with China, and I’d really love to be able to work on projects that see cooperation between our two countries in future to contribute my own knowledge.