Company Background

Digital Innovation for the MRO Industry

Skeyos is the new digital marketplace for the aviation industry where users can buy and sell MRO component services.

Skeyos’ origins lie in the center of the MRO industry and we know its processes like few others. While we admire the operational excellence that coins the business, we also understand the burden imposed by complex and time-consuming administrative processes. Our aim is to overcome this burden by providing a game-changing digital procurement solution.

Accordingly, Skeyos has been founded by Lufthansa Technik as a separate legal entity to develop its vendor-independent platform for the MRO market as a whole. We are a young and dynamic team located near the airport of Hamburg, Germany that supports a hands-on mentality, is open for new ideas and always appreciates your valuable feedback.

Our Vision for Skeyos

"To be the MRO platform that everybody wants to use – with a qualified network of suppliers and purchasers, an efficient procurement experience and highest user satisfaction thanks to reliable offers and an end-to-end transaction integration."