Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skeyos?

Skeyos is the new marketplace in the aviation industry created for users to buy and sell MRO services online. With Skeyos, transactions can directly be conducted by a qualified network of purchasers and suppliers, whereby the whole procurement process can be handled easily and cost-efficient for both parties.

What makes Skeyos unique?

As the only online platform in the aircraft industry, Skeyos brings together supply and demand with the possibility to instantly purchase MRO services by using a fully integrated online procurement process. All participants are verified by Skeyos which provides a secure and professional network for purchasers and suppliers.

Can I send RFQs on Skeyos?

No, there is no need for sending RFQs anymore. On Skeyos, all available capabilities including prices, TAT and warranty statements are listed transparently and can be directly purchased.

Are there any obligations by using Skeyos?

We do not require any kind of obligation from either purchasers or suppliers to commit a certain amount of business via Skeyos.

Who can use Skeyos?

Skeyos is a B2B platform only available for verified business clients in the aviation industry. 

Why does my registration have to get verified?

Purchasers as well as suppliers need to register on Skeyos. Registration ensures a qualified and reliable network of aviation business clients on Skeyos.

Who can I contact for further questions?

For further questions please contact our colleagues from the sales department: Pascal Knoll (moc.s1582911986oyeks1582911986@llon1582911986k.lac1582911986sap1582911986) or
Robert Damköhler (moc.s1582911986oyeks1582911986@relh1582911986eokma1582911986d.tre1582911986bor1582911986)