IT Integration

Electronic Data Interface Overview

Skeyos For Developers

Skeyos offers a series of web services which allow data exchange and interaction between Skeyos and your backend systems. Each service is described by a service contract and respective wsdl files. Unlock the most efficient sales and procurement processes by connecting your ERP systems to the Skeyos platform. Following graphic gives a brief overview of the currently available services, followed by a more detailed description.

Repair Order Service - to transmit the repair order including all relevant data from Skeyos to a supplier.
Data exchanged (excerpt):
  • Customer Address Data
  • Reference Numbers
  • Order Data
Change Repair Order Status Service - to exchange status information about an active Skeyos transaction.
Data exchanged (excerpt):
  • Logistic Statuses (shipped and received)
  • Payment Statuses (pay-in and pay-out)
Repair Offers Catalogue Upload Service - to upload repair offers on Skeyos and to activate them once all offers are uploaded.
Data exchanged (excerpt):
  • PN
  • Certificates
  • Price
Repair Order Change Service - to propose a scope change, based on what was initially offered.
Data exchanged (excerpt):
  • Task information
Invoice Service - to transmit invoice data to Skeyos, which will then be converted into a PDF invoice and presented to the customer.
Data exchanged (excerpt):
  • Purchaser details
  • Supplier details
  • Order data
  • Invoice positions
Message Service - to receive messages sent by your customers via the Skeyos user interface.
Data exchanged (excerpt):
  • Customer Name
  • Message Content