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The New Way Of Procuring Aircraft Parts and Repairs

Marketplace Processes for Purchasers

Ordering aircraft parts and repair services can be a rather lengthy and intransparent process. For a single component maintenance event, the weighted average price of a repair order is between 1,500 and 2,000 USD. At the same time, hours of administration work are spent on sourcing, evaluation and management of each transaction. This complexity comes at a high cost that stands in no relation to the net value of most standard transactions.

Skeyos revolutionizes this process. It eliminates the request for quotation (RFQ) process and thus maximises efficiency. Compare offers worldwide with superior transparency and purchase directly through the platform with streamlined terms and conditions. The integrated order management and track & trace functionalities provide further insights into ongoing and completed transactions and increase reliability and dependability.
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  • Search, Compare & Purchase

    • Waste less time on RFQs and purchase directly through a single platform from pre-approved suppliers
    • Use custom filters to compare repair offers and obtain superior market transparency
    • Minimise sourcing compliance hassles with superior market information
    • Maximize efficiency and reduce admin times through binding listings