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Marketplace Processes for Suppliers

Selling aircraft parts & repairs can be a rather time-consuming and inefficient process. Hours of administration work are spent on answering requests for quotation (RFQs) which only sometimes turn into firm orders. This inefficient process comes at a high cost that stands in no relation to the meagre net value of a successful sale: For a single component maintenance event, the weighted average price of a repair order is between 1,500 and 2,000 USD only.

Skeyos revolutionises this process. It eliminates the request for quotation process and therefore maximises efficiency. Make your offers immediately purchasable worldwide through our platform. Increase the visibility of your highly specialised services to our network of key industry players. Skip extensive contractual negotiations by benefitting from Skeyos’ universally applicable terms and conditions.
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  • Offer Management

    • Sell your repair services globally to a network of verified purchasers
    • No more need to answer time-consuming RFQs, rather receive binding purchase orders
    • Streamline your offers with fixed pricing and standardized Terms & Conditions
    • Individualize your offers for specific market segments or regions