MRO Procurement

A Tailored Marketplace for the MRO Industry

The Skeyos Promise

Skeyos’ origins lie in the center of the MRO industry. We know its processes like few others. While we admire the operational excellence that coins the business, we also understand the burden imposed by complex and time-consuming administrative processes.

To ease this burden, we have developed a marketplace & procurement tool which brings simplicity, transparency and reliability to MRO procurement, for suppliers and purchasers alike. We provide one consolidated channel that enables direct purchasing through streamlined processes. Skeyos can be fully integrated into existing IT environments or used as a stand-alone platform.

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Unique Benefits for Purchasers

  • One channel for reliable services from a network of qualified vendors
  • Conveniently comparable workscopes, prices, TATs and OTP rankings
  • Direct purchase with streamlined Terms & Conditions
  • Automated & digital processes, minimal paperwork
  • Minimize compliance hassles with superior market transparency
  • Free of charge

Unique Benefits for Suppliers

  • Instant part & repair service sales through pre-defined offers
  • Offer customization for every purchaser
  • Integrated fulfillment handling, billing and payment
  • IT system integration via Plug & Play API
  • Comprehensive data security and encryption


Time Wasted on RFQ Processes


Reduction of Admin Work per Transaction

New Sales and Sourcing Opportunities