BOS Aerospace

BOS Aerospace
Handforth, United Kingdom

BOS Aerospace offers Aircraft and Component Maintenance services for the world's most popular commercial aircraft types. With headquarters close to the Manchester International Airport in UK, BOS Aerospace is well positioned to offer fast turn around times on a global basis. A recently established office and workshop in Leipzig, Germany will provide clients with further support in Central Europe.

The core component repair capability covers galley, waste and water, oxygen and aircraft filters from all major OEM's. The aircraft maintenance support services include line maintenance, field technical support, AOG repair and recovery, structural repair and a specialist fuel tank repair service.

In the aviation supply chain BOS Aerospace is considered as a valuable business contact with world-class customer service.

Certifications aquired by BOS Aerospace are EASA Part 145, FAA, TCCA, BCCA, GCAA. 

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