Mingo Aerospace

Owasso, OK, United States

Mingo Aerospace is an innovative family-owned commercial aerospace repair facility that has focused capabilities in cargo loading systems and air chillers, along with thermal spray and precision grinding repairs for landing gear and flight control components. Mingo has a vision to serve and support its customers by putting their requirements at the forefront of their every action. They take pride in finding creative solutions to decrease repair costs and turn-times.

Mingo was originally founded as a cargo loading system repair station in support of Goodrich, Telair, AAR, Ancra, and Lucas product.

Mingo continues to support longstanding platforms, including; B747, B767, B777, A320, A330, and A340, while aggressively pursuing innovation in the cargo arena through first-to-market repairs for new and current generation airframes. Their full-time engineering development staff works on the cutting edge of electrical and CANbus technology developing OEM repairs, PMA parts, and DER repairs to ensure customers have access to valuable cost saving options for component repairs.

Take a walk through Mingo's facility and you will find dean and thoughtfully designed production lines featuring; power drive units (PDUs) of all shapes, sizes, and configurations; lateral guides; latches; locks; ball panels and cargo rollers as high-volume repairs.

Thermal spray coating and precision grinding repair for landing gear and flight control components is a relatively new venture for Mingo, but not new for the management team, which has over 50 years' experience. These repair processes were developed in 2016 and 2017 along with full plating processes, shot peen, and non-destructive testing to fully support turn-key in-house capability.

Mingo specializes in repairing the bearing race, hanger and retraction links, trunnions, and steering tubes for the 737NG and 777 landing gear. They also repair 737NG and Embraer flap and slat tracks utilizing HVOF thermal spray technology. They confidently guarantee the fastest turn-time available for these products.

Mingo is proud to be ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 Rev. D, FAA and EASA approved, soon to be CAAC, and is the North American Warranty Repair Center for the Telair Sliding CarpetĀ® Loading System.

The three pillars of; quality, service and quick turn-times provide Mingo its identity. Reach out to them with any requirements and you will surely be greeted by a friendly face and a partner ready to pursue innovative cost and time saving repair solutions.

MINGO's Capabilities Available for Direct Purchase on Skeyos.com:

21328, 37729, 37791, 89056, 123100-1, 123100-5, 123170-1, 123170-1S, 126100-1, 126100-3 , 126100-7, 126170-1, 126170-1S, 126327-1, 129100-1, 129100-3, 129170-1, 129170-1S, 129320-1, 129327-1, 153DH1, 153DH1R197, 1548T100-3, 1548T100-3A, 181D100, 181R42, 2129T100-1, 2129T100-1A, 2130T100-1, 2133T100-1, 2135T100-1, 2135T100-3, 2135T100-5, 2136T100-1, 2136T100-3, 2136T100-3 AMDT A, 2137T100-1, 2137T100-3, 2137T100-3 AMDT A, 2138T100-1, 2138T100-3, 2138T100-3 AMDT A, 2139T100-1, 2139T100-3, 2139T100-5, 2139T100-7, 2143T100-1, 2143T100-3, 2143T100-3 AMDT A, 2143T100-5, 2147T100-1, 2801229-1, A2577020000800, A2577020001200, A2577020001600, A2577020002400, A2577020002800, A2577040500600, A2577040500800, A2577040501200, A2577040501400, A2577040501600, A2577040501800, A2577110400400, A2577110400600, S417T102-1, S417T102-2
141100-1, 2840T100-7, 2840T100-Series, 2842T100-1, 2842T100-3, 2846T100-1, 2944230-1, 2944230-3, 2944T100-1, A2577110301800, A2577110303400, A2577110600800, D2557240100000, D2557240100200, D2557240100800, D2557240101000, 2944T100-3, 2955130-1, 2955810-3, 2955T100-7, 2955T100-9
2933T100-Series, 2955530-1, 2955T100-5, 2958T100-1, 2982T100-1, 2982T100-3, 2983T100-1, 2984T100-1, 2985T100-1, 2986T100-1, 2987T100-Series, 2988T100-Series, A2577110203400, A2577110305400, A2577285000200, A2577285000600, 2944T100-3, 2955130-1, 2955810-3, 2955T100-7, 2955T100-9, 123100-3, 123327-1, 126100-107, 126327-3, 129100-1009, 129100-1011, 129100-103
2944T100-3, 2955130-1, 2955810-3, 2955T100-7, 2955T100-9, 123100-3, 123327-1, 126100-107, 126327-3, 129100-1009, 129100-1011, 129100-103
113A1160, 113A1360, 113A1560, 113A1760, 113A2672, 113A3940, 113A3941, 113A3942, 113A3943, 114A7511, 114A7512, 114A7521, 114A7522, 114A7531, 114A7532, 114A7541, 114A7542, 161A1501-1 / -2, 161A4300-2, 161A7114-2
747-5700-3-0, 747-5826-1-0, 65B60200-5, 65B60427-7, 65B60427-8, 65B60444-8, 65B60671-1, 65B60671-2, 65B60900-11, 65B60900-5, 65B60900-6, 65B60900-8, 65B60900-9, 65B62106-14, 65B63103-24, 65B63104-24, 65B63104-36, 65B63104-39, 65B63104-501, 65B63104-54, 65B63104-55, 65B63160-8, 65B63223-53, 65B63227-7, 65B63260-3, 65B63271-100, 65B63271-105, 65B63271-138, 65B63271-31, 65B63271-88, 65B63279-4, 65B63322-2, 65B63406-17, 65B63406-24, 65B63406-32, 65B63406-67, 65B63406-76, 65B63424-4, 65B63429-4, 65B63455-2, 65B63456-53, 65B63500-7, 65B63547-2, 65B63560-6, 65B63583-7, 65B63725-501, 65B63726-1, 65B63733-20
192AD1R219B, 451W0173-1, 451W0173-2, 451W0173-7, 451W1310-1, 451W1310-2, 451W1315-1, 451W1315-2, 451W1315-3, 451W1315-4, 451W1320-5, 451W1320-6, 451W1330-1, 451W1330-11, 451W1330-12, 451W1330-13, 451W1330-3, 451W1330-4, 451W1330-5, 451W1330-6, 451W1330-7, 451W1330-8, 451W1330-9, 451W1360-7, 451W1360-8, 451W1360-9, 451W1370-1, 451W1370-3, 451W1370-4, 451W1380-1, 451W1380-2, 451W1380-3, 451W1380-4, 451W1420-1, 451W1420-2, 451W1420-4, 451W3111-1, 451W3112-1, 451W3120-1, 451W3130-1, 451W3130-2, 451W3140-1, 451W3140-2, 451W3150-1, 451W3190-1, 451W3190-2, 451W3190-3, 451W3190-4, 451W3320-1, 451W4140-1, 451W4140-2, 451W4140-3, 451W4140-4, 451W4140-7, 451W4140-8, 451W4150-7, 451W4150-8, 451W4169-1, 451W4169-2, 451W4169-3, 451W4169-4, 451W4169-5, 451W4169-6, 451W4170-1, 451W4170-3, 451W4170-4, 451W4170-5, 451W4170-6, 451W4310-3, 451W4310-4, 451W4310-6, 451W4360-10, 451W4360-15, 451W4360-16, 451W4360-17, 451W4360-18, 451W4360-3, 451W4360-4, 451W4360-5, 451W4360-6, 451W4360-7, 451W4360-8, 451W4360-9, 451W4380-2, 451W4410-5, 451W4410-6, 451W4410-7, 451W4410-8, 451W4410-9, 451W4412-1, 451W4412-2, 451W4440-13, 451W4440-14, 451W4440-15, 451W4440-16, 451W4440-20, 451W4440-21, 451W4440-7, 451W4440-8, 451W4470-4, 451W4470-5, 451W4475-1, 451W4475-2, 451W4475-3, 451W4475-4, 452T2200-5, 452T2200-6, 452T2200-7, 7718140-4, 7718140-5, 7718140-6, 7718330-1, 7718330-2, 7718330-3, 7718330-4, S451W211-2, S451W211-5, 37480, 37870, 38284, 7M33002-24, 7N16050-1, 7N16100-1, 7N16200-1, 7N16300-1, 7N16350-1, 7N16400-1, 7N16450-1, 7N16550-1, 931D100-3, 931D100-3, 933D100-1, H3269-11, M129320-5, M37870, 761610-1, 761620-1, 761630-1, 7616A0-1, 7616B0-1, 7616C0-1, 7616D0-2, 7616E0-2, 7616F0-2, 723D100-1, 723D100-9, 7425100-1, 7425180-3, 7425180-4, 7425230-1, 7425281-1, 7425281-2, 451T1003-series, 451T1004-1, 451T1004-10, 451T1004-11, 451T1004-13, 451T1004-14, 451T1004-15, 451T1004-4, 451T1004-5, 451T1004-6, 451T1004-9, 451T1502-92, 451T1505-14, 451T1505-15, 451T1505-16, 451T1505-17, 451T1505-18, 451T1505-19, 451T1505-20, 451T1505-21, 451T1505-22, 451T1505-23, 451T1505-24, 451T1505-25, 451T1505-26, 451T1505-27, 451T1505-28, 451T1505-37, 451T1505-38, 451T1505-4, 451T1505-40, 451T1505-6, 451T1505-8, 452T1016-2, 452T1030-4, 452T1131-6, 452T1201-16, 452T1201-18, 452T1201-8, 452T1201-9, 452T1202-14, 452T1202-16, 452T1202-18, 452T1202-8, 452T1603-27, 452T1603-28, 452T1603-29, 452T1603-30, 452T1603-32, 452T1603-33, 452T1603-37, 452T1603-38, 452T1630-10, 452T1630-6, 452T1630-7, 452T1630-9, 452T2003-56, 452T2003-58, 452T2003-59, 452T2003-9, 452T2200-8, 452T2301-16, 452T2633 series, 452T2633-18, 452T2633-28, 452T2633-30, 452T2633-31, 452T2633-34, 452T2633-35, 452T2633-7, 181R42R181, 181R42R181-1, 181RA71R206A, 181RA71R206B, 181RA71R206C, 181RA71R206C, 181RA71R206C, 181RA71R206C, 181RA71R206C, 1827T100-5, 1827T100-7, 192AD1R218A, 192AD1R218B, 2022538-4, 2022538-5, 2022538-6, 2022538-7, 2022538-8, 2042059-5, 132VJ1RL13, 132VJ1RL13A, 132VJ2RL17, 132VJ2RL17A, 132VJ2RL17B
771050-1, 771050-1, 771050-1, 771070-1, 771070-1, 771070-1, 7711300-1, 7711300-1, 7713402-37, 7713402-37, 7715200-1, 7715200-1, 7715200-2, 7715200-2, 7718140-5, 7718140-5, 7718140-5, 7718140-5, 7718140-6, 7718140-6, 7718140-6, 7718140-6, 7718370-4, 7718370-4, 451W1310-1, 451W1560-16, 451W1560-18, 451W3220-1, 451W3260-1, 451W3270-1, 451W4140-5, 451W4140-6, 451W4310-5, 451W4310-7, 451W4310-8, 451W4380-1, 451W4410-10, 43100-12, 43100-13, 43100-21, 43100-400, 192AD1R218A, 192AD1R218B, 132VJ1RL13, 132VJ1RL13A, 132VJ2RL17, 132VJ2RL17A, 132VJ2RL17B
43212-11, 43212-400
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