Spectrum Aerospace

Spectrum Aerospace
Tempe, AZ, United States

Spectrum’s strength stems from its blend of commercial aviation supply chain services coupled with its quality-driven, customer-focused business practices. Spectrum has 3 distinct but integrated elements of business – Aftermarket Parts Trading, 145 Repair Station and Precision Machine Shop – providing their valued customers with a pragmatic range of solutions for their parts needs and repair requirements.

Spectrum Aerospace opened in 1986 as an aftermarket aircraft parts supplier. By incorporating a 145 Repair Station into the business, Spectrum delivers a more comprehensive scope of services to its customers by enabling its parts traders to provide realistic, first-hand parts repair knowledge. By expanding the repair shop’s ancillary machine shop with a dedicated and highly skilled machining staff and more precision equipment, Spectrum delivers even more significant cost-saving and efficiency options to its customers.

Ultimately, because Spectrum specializes in several aspects of the supply chain it has the ability to provide its customers with a truly comprehensive level of knowledge and the flexibility of services designed to make the procurement of quality airworthy parts a more confident and much less cumbersome process.

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